David Harris

Practice Manager

David is the practice manager at The EDS Clinic, and he also lives with hypermobile EDS. David believes that the EDS Community has been neglected for too long. He is dedicated to leveraging his business strategy background to create meaningful improvements in quality of life for everybody affected by EDS. Previously, David worked at McKinsey & Company, where he advised Fortune 500 companies on how to grow their business and launch new products.

David first learned about Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome through his father, Dr. Jim Harris, who was already caring for hundreds of EDS patients. When Dr. Harris told David about the struggles that patients face in seeking care for the EDS trifecta, David resolved to find a way to help this community. Through speaking with researchers, doctors, and hundreds of patients, David began to learn more about EDS and the difficulties that patients face in their medical journeys. He also started to recognize the similarities in his own life, ultimately leading to an official diagnosis of hypermobile EDS. Despite growing up in a family of doctors, David’s chronic pain and unexplained symptoms were overlooked, highlighting just how invisible these conditions can be even to the most well-informed and well-intentioned doctors.

Today, David is committed to working together with the patient community to ensure that every single patient has access to an accurate diagnosis, affordable treatment, a compassionate medical team, and eventually a cure.

‘We can’t wait for every last non-believer to change their mind about EDS, and we don’t have to. We can take this problem into our own hands. We will take care of our own. A patient-led revolution is starting.’

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