Shandley McMurray

Freelance writer

Shandley is a freelance writer on a mission to increase awareness of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. A journalist for over 25 years, her articles have appeared in numerous magazines and on websites across the globe. Shandley has also written a baby-naming guide, co-written two children’s books, and authored multiple health books for Belvoir Media.

While she’s covered topics ranging from cyber bullying to sleep routines to the world’s best aquariums, the subject closest to Shandley’s heart is EDS. That’s why she’s penned so many articles on the disease – you’ll find them on sites like University Health News, Parents Canada, and The Mighty.

Diagnosed with hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (a.k.a. hEDS) at 26 in Toronto, Shandley feels lucky to have had such a relatively short journey to discovery. Years later, she was further diagnosed with a slew of comorbidities at The London Hypermobility Unit in the UK. Armed with validation that her symptoms were as real as they felt, Shandley decided to dedicate her time to educating others about the condition. That’s what led her to The EDS Clinic. Through her articles, Shandley hopes to inform other Zebras about the latest in helpful products and useful research.

Mostly, she wants all EDSers to know: While you may feel sore, unheard, invisible, and So. Very. Tired; you are not alone. Together, we will find strength, support, understanding, and one day soon (we hope) a cure. Until then, rest well, read up, and stay strong.

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